Corona Measures

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Alles is Drama in Corona Times

As you may have noticed, the coronavirus is evermore present in our beautiful city of Maastricht. As a student association, we have a responsibility towards our members to keep them safe and do everything we can so as to stay healthy. On this page, you will find the different measures we, as the board of Alles is Drama, have chosen to take in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus within the association.

Please take note that we cannot force you to do anything but that we strongly suggest and advise that you follow the measures.

Please be aware that these considerations were made using the most recent information available for the RIVM, due to the dynamic circumstances of current events these may be subject to change based on new regulations.

In general:

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at all physical events.

  • Face masks are recommended at all physical events, except official drinks.

  • 1.5-meter distance is recommended at all physical events.

  • For activities and rehearsals, the groups will be kept as small as possible.

  • Please check in at every event, this will make potential follow up easier

Please note these general considerations are also recommended for all following cases.


  • Physical activities will take place if possible.

  • Regular online activities will take place.


  • As food and drinks are available, masks will not be required

  • Keeping socially distant is advised.

  • The number of people per table will be kept small.

  • Online drinks will take place.


  • Physical rehearsals allowed, online rehearsals possible. Please check the course or production info for more details.

  • 1.5-meter distance is not necessary if all participants agree (consent form signed)

  • Face masks are recommended for those not acting at a given time.


  • Physical productions are allowed, online productions are also possible.

  • The production medium is determined by current guidelines and director preference.

If you feel sick, please stay at home.

Stay Safe!


- Keep the 1.5 metre distance

- Wear a mask

-Wash/disinfect your hands regularly

Please note that member preferences are also important to us and will be considered.

Please click here to let us know yours!