About Alles is Drama

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‘Drama is love, Drama is life.’

Alles is Drama combines passion for theater with the community atmosphere of an association. Every year we organize two to three productions and many different courses. Our members act and participate in courses, but also work hard together behind the scenes. Next to that, there’s always going to be someone who’s up for a fun night out!

Theatre Association
At Alles is Drama, everyone is welcome, whether you already know all of Shakespeare’s works by heart or you’re only just now taking your first steps onstage. We are also always looking for people who want to grab a hammer to build the décor or go searching or shopping for some 14th century knights’ armor. Although we are an amateur theater association, we only work with professional directors. By combining the motivation and enthusiasm of students with the professionalism of directors, we guarantee a great working and acting environment and many beautiful, hilarious, and moving productions.

Student Association
In addition to being a theater association, Alles is Drama is a true student association. Our members are fun and open-minded, and there will always be someone to chat with or grab a drink with. Because we value the social aspect of being in such a group, we frequently organize many fun activities, including a monthly theme party. The twice yearly weekend away, pubquizzes, mafia-evenings, movienights are just some of many other activities that are first and foremost simply fun. Besides this, we spend every Thursday evening from 22:00 at the Dikke Dragonder for a beer and a good talk. 

Maastricht has many international students. We, as a student association, of course reflect that and cater to international students as well as Dutch students. Every semester we organize at least one English-speaking production, and we always have English and Dutch courses to offer. As our international member community has been growing, we have adapted and are now fully english-speaking in all our activities. But we are always happy to learn about your native language, be that just Dutch, German, Japanese or Italian!

Three years of treasurers !
Production 2018: Vrijdagavond