The President: Lissa Van Baren

Growing up in Eindhoven I always heard about the local Student Theatre Association there, so when I moved to Maastricht I decided to google whether there was a Student Theatre Association here as well. This is how I found Alles is Drama and I immediately knew I wanted to join, since I've been in love with acting and theatre all my life. 

In my first year at Alles is Drama I made many new friends, had the most fun ever and got to do some amazing projects within the association. I became more involved with Alles is Drama then I ever could have expected and quite early on I was thinking about maybe doing a boardyear with the association. And now here I am, one year after joining, president of Student Theatre Association Alles is Drama. As president I am the face of Alles is Drama and have the final say in all decisions regarding the association. I am head of the board and the entire association whilst still partying, acting and playing along with our members and guests. And I really like it!


The Secretary: Chiara Bruck

My name is Chiara Brück and I am a second year Econometrics and Operations Research student here in Maastricht. When I was six years old I joined a drama school and two years later I also became part of a youth circus in the discipline unicycling. I love being on stage and think of myself as a theater person. I am really excited to be part of the Alles is Drama board to get to know another side of the drama world and assist people to do what I love so much – acting and performing!

As the Secretary, I will keep everything organizational up to date. Each semester I will be the contact person for a course of Alles is Drama. This means that I will accompany the group and their director during the journey until their end performance at the Performance Night. I am looking forward to this Board year and all the new experiences that will come with it! Feel free to contact me via or message me on Facebook.

The Treasurer: Adela Iriskic

It was the 8 th grade of primary school, 2009. There was a school play. And I? Well I was the one who got the lead role in that play! My very first theatre experience that is. This love for theatre and being on stage grew all through high school, so when I first arrived in Maastricht, I knew one thing for sure: I want to play theatre here! It turned out that Alles is Drama is so much more than just theatre: it is really one big group of awesome people with whom you have drinks, parties and more! It has become a group of friends, and as a board member I wish to give every member the same pleasant experience as I had. So since you are reading this, I hope to see you soon at one of our drinks or other events, and that I can tell you in person how amazing Alles is Drama is!

With love,

Your treasurer


The Commissioner of Planning and Activities: Anneke Uiterwaal

Drama has always been my calling and mostly my lifestyle for the past 19 years. Therefore I enjoy playing once again at Alles is Drama and being around my fellow dramatics. Briefly about me: I’m a second year student of European Law School who enjoys cooking and generally the student life.
Furthermore I will be responsible for all your hangovers caused by alles is drama the coming year. With my activity committee and weekend away committee I will make sure that all the awesome ideas for activities and parties will actually materialise and give you a great night or weekend!
Next to this I also make the plannings and make sure that we sign directors for the courses and productions so that you can just sit back and enjoy.
I hope to give you one heck of a year with nights you'll never forget. Hope to see you around!



The Commissioner of Production and PR: Leonie Schuitema

Theater has always been a big passion of me and I wanted to pursue that passion when I moved to Maastricht. That’s when I found Alles is Drama and I immidiately subscribed. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’ve been a member for one year now and last year I played in the Lustrum production Courting Wolves. I loved the production so much, that I wanted to be more involved. Which is why I’m very happy with my function.

As Commissioner of Production and PR, I make sure that the whole process of making the production goes smoothly and that in the end awesome decor, technique, costums ect. will be present. Next to this, I’m also responsible for the PR, for example Facebook and instagram. So, If you wanna know more about us, go like our Facebook or follow our instagram!

I hope to see you soon!


Board 2016 - 2017

Lissa van Baren President
Chiara Brück Secretary and Vice-President
Adela Iriskic Treasurer
Anneke Uiterwaal Commissioner of Planning and Activities
Leonie Schuitema Commissioner of Production and PR