Board Application

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We have decided to push back the board application deadline for two weeks. The new deadline is now Sunday May 30th.

Also, throughout this time, each of the board members will be doing an Instagram takeover, where they will show you what a life in the day of a board member looks like. Stay tuned to see what our board has in store for you:)

The Board comprises of 6 people and there are 10 positions to be filled, which are:


Vice President (you can’t apply for this position, it is up to the President to choose their VP)



Commissioner of Production

Commissioner of Activities

Commissioner of PR

Commissioner of Housing

Commissioner of Planning

Commissioner of Lustrum (2021)

If you interested in become a Board Member please send us:

  • Your  CV
  • A Motivation Letter (we give you freedom of expressing your true self here, but make sure you point out your skills and why you would be a good Board Member)
  • Your Top 3 Board Positions (include these in your CV)

If you have any questions and/or are curious in becoming the board please do not hesitate to DM us on the socials or email us via