Board traditions

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The official Alles is Drama traditions 

Board mugs

Whenever you see one of our board member's mugs unattended, it is your chance to mix them a drink they will never forget. The only restrictions are no solid foods, no dairy products, no bodily fluids (except human tears), and generally, nothing that could kill us - unless consented to. If we really do not want to drink it, a fellow board member can help us or we can request a dare from you to get rid of the poisonous concoction. 


Old board members have the opportunity to steal either our guestbook, flag, mascot Beer or even ourselves the board members, and request a reward, written down in a Brasbrief. The rules are that the stolen good has to cross the doorstep of the establishment and a Brassbrief needs to be handed in within 24 hours. Then, we are obliged to follow the Brasbrief within a specific time. However, we ask you to not use this great opportunity to deprive us of our goods when we are present at events of external importance, for example, our Constitution Drinks. Otherwise, feel free to use and abuse our distracted minds to get what you always wanted from us!