Current Board



The President and Commissioner of Housing: Dieuwertje Leenders

Hello! My name is Dieuwertje and I am the president of the '18 - '19 board of Alles is Drama. I am the face of Alles is Drama but have you seen my booty though? I am not sure what I do, neither is anyone in the association or the board really ... I just hope no one finds out before the year is over, I did kind of plan on the uni subsidies to pay for my holidays. Please stop texting me, it's really annoying, I am incredibly busy. No, really though, stop contacting me Stan, I dont want to have dinner with you.


The Secretary: Elli Peonides

My name is Elli Peonides and I'm a born New Yorker. I will be the secretary in the '18 - '19 board and aim to make the minutes GREAT again. I take my job very seriously and do not tolerate the misuse of capitalization of words such as board or members in the minutes. With my German efficiency and my New York attitude I will be the best secretary ever, in the entire universe, this is totally legitimate. Trust me, I'm the secretary - over and out - Ellibean


The Treasurer: Rebecca van den Brand 

Hi!! My name is Rebecca van den Brand and I'm part of Dieuwertje's Block this year to take care of all the moneys. That's why she (Dieuwertje) calls me Queen Penny. Oh and I don't do long introduction talks. Doei!


The Vice President and Commissioner of PR: Alessia Liccese

Heyho, my name is Alessia! Half Italian, half German - so you know I got the best of both worlds ... with my slight social media addiction that gets worse every time I get some alcohol in me, I will be the perfect commissioner of PR documenting everyone's drunken mistakes and putting them online. Moreover, somehow I got selected to be Vice President, so I guess I'm looking after Dieuwertje's ass now. Alles is Drama rocks and I want the whole world to know it so I'm starting the hashtag #shakespearebangedus (btw follow me on Snapchat @allialessia97 and Instagram @alli_alessia for the best drunken stories).


The Commissioner of Planning and Activities: Katharina Klüber

When I moved to Maastricht a year ago I was happy to meet lovely Alles is Drama people and finally have some drama in my life (because coming from the country side of the Western German outback the only option I had to go crazy were ... youth groups at church, which is fun but no drama lama). Besides my enthusiasm about community activities, bringing some positivity and horrible German humor, I contributed to the well-being of the association by ending Karel's hoe-phase and bringing Hildegrad all ze weh from Aachen tuh sieh André Rieu on ze Vrijthof but don't get döhrtie. You can rely on this efficiency as I am willing to go far, wearing socks in sandals as a German should do. After all my aim is to make our members drunk, happy and learn things, uni will never be able to teach us, in fun courses. Love, Kathi


The Commissioner of Production: Lina Vollrath

Hey, I'm Lina, your new commissioner of production for the upcoming year. I am quite new to the association but in the few months I have been so brainwashed and sweet-talked with 1€ beer that I somehow ended up in the board. I can fix almost anything with a hot glue gun and have a range of the most delightful awkward group games up my sleeve, so future productions, prepare to be as bonded as cement. If you don't find me "looking" for props at SoLow, you can find me hanging out on my houseboat or being the bitterballen queen of Maastricht. Subjects, you are welcome!


The Commissioner of Heartache and Consultancy: Beer the Bear

Beer de Beer my name, and I am not your average kind of bear. I have been part of Alles is Drama since the ancient winds blew over the sea and created me from the ashes of civilization and the drama god breathed life into me. I pledged an oath of faithfulness to this very association and will forever guard its members. Besides, I am not only the fierce representative of the greatest theater association in the world but also a consultant in all things heartache. If something is on your mind, you can email me under and I will do my best to give you advice from the ancient books full of magic stored in my library. May the drama be with you!