Current Board

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Board 2020 - 2021

President: Jo 


Secretary: Zoe 


Vice President and Commissioner of Activities: Vera 


Commissioner of Production: Clara 


Commissioner of PR: Diana 


Treasurer and Commissioner of Planning: Archi 


The Commissioner of Heartache and Consultancy: Beer the Bear

Beer the Bear is my name, and I am not an average kind of bear. I have been part of Alles Is Drama since the ancient winds blew over the sea and sculpted me from the ashes of civilization and the God of Drama breathed life into me. I pledged an oath of faithfulness to this very associations and will forever guard its members. Besides, I am not only fierce representative of the greatest theater association in the world, but also a consultant in all things heartache. If something is on your mind, you can email me under and I will do my best to give you advice from the ancient books full of magic and wisdom, stored in my library.

May the drama be with you!