Current Board

The President: Stan Frijsinger

Hi there! When I came to Maastricht a year ago, I was welcomed by a beautiful group of people. Those people happened to be members of Alles is Drama. Combine that with my love for theatre, and you have yourself a pretty solid story about why I joined Alles is Drama. Those lovely people are also the reason I became President: I wanted to give something back to the association that had welcomed me and has taught me so much in the past year. We hope to continue giving this feeling of openness to all current and new members in the upcoming year. I am looking forward to meeting you! 


The Vice President and Commissioner of Activities and Planning: Amy Schenning

To introduce myself, let me tell you how I found Alles is Drama. 
I am from a village near Tilburg, where I spent the first 17 years of my life. Somewhere along the way, I discovered myself to be quite interested in neuroscience. Therefore, I decided to go and study at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, here in Maastricht. To hopefully make some friends in this new city, I figured I should join an association. I had always been interested in theatre but too shy to do anything with it, so this was my chance. Turns out I absolutely love it. And even better, I made so many friends at Alles is Drama. I will forever be grateful that this association exists, which is why I am currently on its board. I have been enjoying this adventure tremendously so far, and am looking forward to what is yet to come! 


The Treasurer: Lisa Voesten 

Hi lovely people, welcome to our board page! Firstly, let’s introduce myself and tell you more about how I became part of the Alles is Drama family. I grew up in the northern part of Limburg but moved to Maastricht to become a student a few years ago. Currently, I am in my third year of the Bachelor Mental Health.  Alles is Drama became a very important part of my life since last year. I did not have any theatre experience, except for playing a leading part in a primary school musical. Therefore, I felt shy about joining a theatre association. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Luckily, lack of experience is not important, because Alles is Drama offers an amazing and safe environment where we all can explore our acting skills and most importantly: have a lot of fun! I am looking forward to another amazing year with Alles is Drama!


The Commissioner of Production: Remo Kortbeek 

Hi, beautiful actors and actresses. I have been doing theatre for 11 years now, and when I came to Maastricht I knew that I wanted to join the Student Theatre Association. I study Arts & Heritage, and this cultural interest is something I can really use in Alles is Drama. Both as a creative outlet and as a social association Alles is Drama has made my time in Maastricht so much better. Making a production, using my creative assets and creating something together can nicely give you something to distract you from the academic grind. Furthermore, acting with like-minded students is a great way to build a close group of friends, and the parties and other activities only helped to further strengthen this friendship. As commissioner of production, I am really looking forward to making beautiful productions with the many unique talents that you all possess!


The Secretary and Commissioner of PR: Franziska Erbe 

I spent my first year at SBE studying Economics without joining a single association, and I was fine with it at first. But when a friend told me about Alles is Drama, I was instantly interested. I had sporadically joined my high school's theatre club many times, but never with great success or enthusiasm. But there was an opportunity to give it another chance during my Uni life. In my second year, I joined Alles is Drama and my life has only been better since. It inspired me to be more expressive, to get out of my comfort zone and to get active in associations. After joining the Lustrum committee last year and having an amazing time, I felt it was time to give back to this association that gave me so much. I am looking forward to a great year and for many more diverse students to join and have a good time with Alles is Drama. 


The Commissioner of Heartache and Consultancy: Beer de Beer

Beer de Beer my name, and I am not your average kind of bear. I have been part of Alles is Drama since the ancient winds blew over the sea and created me from the ashes of civilization and the drama god breathed life into me. I pledged an oath of faithfulness to this very association and will forever guard its members. Besides, I am not only the fierce representative of the greatest theater association in the world but also a consultant in all things heartache. If something is on your mind, you can email me under and I will do my best to give you advice from the ancient books full of magic stored in my library. May the drama be with you!