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Board 2021 - 2022

Board 2021/22

President: Jo 


Guess who’s back for another term 😋

This is Jo, she’s been your president for the past year and sometimes, she likes to write about herself in the third person. She hopes to support her board into a more physical year at Alles is Drama, as the enternal president. She promises snacks to all helpers throughout the year (suitable to any dietary restrictions of course) and hopes to be able to help organise some food related bonding events too.

See you around 😉

Vice President & Treasurer: Anne 


Hello everyone! 

I'm Anne, a small-town Dutch girl who came to the 'big' city of Maastricht to study Psychology. Well, not only to do that, I am also the treasurer and vice-president of Alles is Drama this year! 

Let's make it a great year together (within the budget, of course 😉) and hopefully I can see you all in person soon!

Commissioner of Activities & Commissioner of Planning: Linus 


Dear members,

My name is Linus. I am the Commissioner of Activities and Planning at Alles is Drama. 

I am German and lived most of my live in Belgium. I came to Maastricht only a year ago and now I am studying international business in my second year. My goal is it to provide opportunities to connect, play and relax within the association and bring back the social and more physical side of Alles is Drama. With the help of my committee the Accie, I plan to organise activities represent the interests of our fellow members and provide our members with some well-deserved mental breaks from their exhausting studies.

I am looking forward meeting you all online or during our physical events.

Have a great day!

Secretary: Ink 

Hey there!

My name is Ink (they/them). I am the new Secretary at Alles is Drama. I did my BA at FASoS and am currently finishing up my Masters in European Studies, specialising in Global Challenges. 

My main (local) challenge for now though, will come in answering your emails and questions and to support my fellow board members. I have been AiD-adjacent for some time now, so it’s good to be directly involved and to keep the organised chaos going.

Hope to see more of you all soon! ✌️

Commissioner of PR Semester 1: Julie 


Heyy beautiful actresses and actors! 

I am Julie, a typical German, studying International Business at our beloved SBE. What’s not so typical about me? I am your new board member :)  Now, I can finally take up new and exciting roles such as spreading the word about new events or keeping this association tidy and organised. Unfortunately, I will only be able to take up my position of the first semester since I will do an internship abroad afterwards. Luckily, you guys get the lovely Lotte to take top my place. 

Get ready for a fabulous upcoming year xx

Commissioner of PR Semester 2: Lotte


Hi everybody ! 

My name is Lotte. I am currently in my third year studying arts & culture here in the beautiful city of Maastricht. For the first half of next year I will be exploring Seoul as I am staying there for my exchange. This means that I unfortunately have to wait a bit longer before I can fully immerse myself in the Alles is Drama board activities and take over the position of PR from the wonderful Julie.

For next year, I would like to bring out the best of the AiD organisation and continue Julie’s mission to keep you all up to date about the latest events on social media to create even stronger links between our amazing members and the board ! 

See you in half a year !

Commissioner of Production & Commissioner of Lustrum: Amber


Hello all!
My name is Amber, I am the commissioner of Production and Lustrum. I’m 20 years old, was born in the Netherlands, and am in my fourth year of psychology at Maastricht University. My job is to organize and oversee the Alles is Drama theatre productions, as well as the celebratory 2021 Lustrum events.  The former is done with the help of the amazing ProCo, and the latter with the majestic Powerful Pride of Lustrum. Together, we will be creating some amazing and unforgettable events for the entire association to enjoy. 
Having been a member for 3-4 years, I am honored to be on this board and will do my upmost best to provide all new and current members with the fun, energetic and comfortable atmosphere that made me feel at home here from the start. I look forward to all the exciting things that this year has to offer!
See you all soon!

The Commissioner of Heartache and Consultancy: Beer the Bear


Beer the Bear is my name, and I am not an average kind of bear. I have been part of Alles Is Drama since the ancient winds blew over the sea and sculpted me from the ashes of civilization and the God of Drama breathed life into me. I pledged an oath of faithfulness to this very associations and will forever guard its members. Besides, I am not only a fierce representative of the greatest theatre association in the world, but also a consultant in all things heartache. If something is on your mind, you can email me at and I will do my best to give you advice from the ancient books full of magic and wisdom, stored in my library.

May the drama be with you!