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Activity Committee (Here's a video of me explaining what the Accie is all about!)

The Accie is responsible for organizing all kinds of events for the association. This semester we will have bi-weekly online events. So, together we will organize around two events per month! We could organize an online karaoke event or a socially distant haunted house for Halloween... Nothing is planned yet, and (nearly) everything is possible! I am very much looking forward to hearing all your ideas!

Being in the Accie means being part of a team. From brainstorming ideas to actually hosting an event, we will work together. You are also welcome to join the Accie if you are currently not yet in Maastricht since we meet online anyway. If you join, you also do not need to worry about not having enough time for university, since we plan everything together, you are always free to step back in case you are really busy. I will appreciate every help that I can get. :)

If you would like to apply, please send an email to with the subject "Accie". I do not request a motivation letter, but a few sentences on why you want to join would be great! Maybe, you can also include a crazy idea you have for making events more fun or tell me about an event you always wanted to organize, a festival, or maybe your dream wedding?

I'm looking forward to your applications!

Love, Vera

Commissioner of Activities and Vice President 2020/21