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The Housing Committee

The Homies are a little different this year, as we have three commissioners of housing.

 - Archi for general housing

- Vera for activities

- Clara for productions

https://youtu.be/yeVcNM8uCTY (Here's a video of Jo explaining what the Homies are about!)

This year the Homies will need a lot of assistance, as we are looking for rehearsal spaces again, as well as all of our other locations. The Homies still take care of finding locations for our activities such as parties, for production performances and other housing-related issues. We will look for characteristic buildings, because location is everything and adds a lot to an event. Additionally, the Homies will be asked to help to keep an overview and to translate new regulations. 

Disclaimer: The Homie so far has been Dutch, due to the fact that housing in the Netherlands is presented mostly in Dutch. However, as most of our commissioners of housing, everyone is welcome.