Alles is Drama has been searching for their own building for a while now, and even though we are closer than ever, we will still need all the hands and brains we can get to realize this goal of ours. Other than looking for our very own space, we also take care of finding locations for our parties/gatherings and really any other housing-related issue.

People, other than the ones becoming real estate agents, might think that searching for locations and looking into the rules and regulations of such events might be slightly dull. You could not be more wrong when it comes to the Homies. Over the past half year, the Homie has become quite a special one within Alles is Drama. All of our meetings have a theme, for example, we've had a Disney theme, where everybody would dress up as a Disney character and we had a high tea whilst discussing very serious housing issues. There has been a Mexican theme, and yes there was a piƱata! So if you like the phrase work hard, play hard, the Homie is for you!

Please send your motivation letter to contact@allesisdrama.com!

Disclaimer: The Homie so far has been Dutch, due to the fact that housing in the Netherlands is presented mostly in Dutch. However, if you are willing to put in some extra effort into some possible language barriers, everything should be fine!