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The moment is finally here: Alles is Drama has its own building! Or at least its own 2 rooms, which we can use whenever we want for whatever we want. For our courses, productions and rehearsal weekends, board game evenings and many more things.

Now one of the biggest problem has been solved, I hear you thinking: What is there left to do for the Homies? Well, a lot! Think about decoration to make our place look beautiful and make it feel like it is our home, since cuurently, the rooms are empty as we have just hired it. We can create our own 'living room' where we can chill and have a break together during the course evenings and production rehearsals. 

Besides this, the Homies still have to take care of finding locations for our activities such as parties, for production performances and other housing-related issues. We will look for characteristic buildings, because location is everything and adds a lot to an event. So, if you would like to help with this task and with building Alles is Drama a new home, the Homie is something for you!

Please send your motivation letter to Femke, Commissioner of Housing via contact@allesisdrama.com ! 

Disclaimer: The Homie so far has been Dutch, due to the fact that housing in the Netherlands is presented mostly in Dutch. However, if you are willing to put in some extra effort into some possible language barriers, everything should be fine!

Commissioner of Housing Femke @Batterijstraat!