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Lustrum Committee

"The Powerful Pride of Lustrum

The Powerful Pride of Lustrum, 
Or the Prestiest for short,
Is a committee like none other, 
And a pleasure to consort.

Our existence is but fleeting,
One year for every five,
We celebrate the past and then,
Coming decades we will thrive.

We are more than just a simple group,
Our bonds are strong and tight,
We need new people to join our cause,
Thus to you, I extend this invite. 

Our duty is to organize,
Create and plan activities.
We do our best to bring to AiD
A year full of fun festivities.

The year to celebrate the Lustrum pride
Is 2021,
7 months have passed and now’s our turn
to finish off the fun. 

There are games ready to be played,
Opportunities galore,
Ideas are shared and events we make
That our members will adore.

But the Prestiest, you must be aware

Is a friend group above all.
We make sure to spend fun time together,
Whether with games, food, or alcohol. 

Our meetings are bi-weekly,
Together we plan them in,
We value your commitment,
But sometimes being busy is no sin. 

So, if you wish to join us
For a semester rather bomb
send an e-mail titled “Prestiest” to

Tell us all about yourselves,
Be creative, with one rule:
Your application must be written in rhyme
Or you will be faced with ridicule. 

So come stand with us, under our flag
Avoid being called a baboon,
Please the Prestiest with your (not so) skillful rhymes,
Then I, your Pride Alpfa, will see you soon."