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PR Committee

"Prettie is headed by your fabulous Commissioner of PR and is responsible for the pretty image that Alles is Drama portrays to the outside world 💜

In this Committee you will be able to help boost our organisation's public image. You will be in charge of designing posters and flyers, making trailers, organising public stunts, creating social media posts, pimping our Youtube Channel, and anything else that our minds will come up with together. Sounds like fun? I think sooooo!!! In this committee, there will literally be no limits to your imagination 🦄🧚‍♀️🔮 This is your time to shine ⭐!

If you already have experience in promo that's great but not a must because anyone is welcome to join as long as they are motivated. Motivation & dedication is key ;) So do you have a great idea to promote AiD? Become a member & get creative with me 🌈🍭

In order to apply to join the Prettie, please  send me an email to with the subject "Prettie" and write a couple of sentences about why you want to apply and what experience, if any, that you have.

Very excited to work with you guys! Get ready to treat everyone out there to the most exciting and glamorous promo content 💜 let´s promote to impress 👑

Lots of love, 

Julie xxx

Secretary & Commissioner of PR 2021/22"