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The deadline for becoming a member is the Sunday 24th of January 2021. We hope to see your name appear in our email!

Membership Catalogue 

Half-year membership: 40€

Half-year membership taken in two terms: 41.50€

One year membership: 60€

Course and Production Catalogue: 

One semester Course: 44.50€ student - 60.50€ non-student 

One semester Production: 58.50€ student - 75€ non-student

3/4 year Production: 75€ student - 95€ non-student

Next to our theatre-related activities, we also have other activities for which you can sign up on our website!

Ways you can pay for activities and other events: 

  • Cash
  • iDeal
  • Bank transfer: YOU transfer the money to US, payment info will be sent to you by email 
  • Direct debit: WE take money from YOUR account, given you gave us permission through the SEPA mandate