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Do you love reading or is your goal to read more books this year and do you need some extra motivation? Then, this book club is for you! 📚✨We will choose a book based on the members’ interests and will try to read diverse authors and varying genres. Since reading should not only be limited to the rich (or those who buy books even though they’re broke already), we will always choose a book for which I can provide you the e-book for free. Obviously, you’re ”free” to buy a physical copy if that is what you prefer. The plan right now is to meet once a month at Banka Studios (if regulations allow it) to discuss a new book. The exact date will depend on everyone’s availability and will later be discussed.Are you interested in joining or do you have any questions? Please, sign up via the AiD website 💌~ your host Amanda ❤️

Practical information:

Host: Amanda van der Beek

Contact Person: Anne Vos

When? To be discussed among the members​

Language: English

Preferred meeting method:  Offline if regulations allow it

Deadline to sign-up: Friday the 10th of September 2021

Sign up here: