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Current courses

These are the courses of the current semester! 

  • English Course:

Theatre over Time 

Once upon a time there was this guy who build a stage and décor and started acting if they were someone else. From that day on ´theatre´ was invented... Is that really how it all began or are there a lot of plot holes in this story? This is what you will find out in this course. Want to know how theatre developed further over time? Then this course is perfect for you. Every week we will discuss a different writers (for example Sophocles, Goethe and Lanoye)  starting from the beginning of theatre till theatre today. Worried that you will be sitting only on your ass listening to the history of these writers? No worries, some ass sitting might occur but most of the time we will be actively on stage playing, writing, reading and learning about these writers. This course is suited for both beginners and advanced actors. Everyone is welcome!

  • English Course:

Characterbuilding and Shakespeare

Always had a passion for acting and theatre? Are you curious to discover more about yourself, and interested in training your body and voice as an instrument for all different facets in life? That’s what this course may bring to you. With physical exercises, like yoga and improvisation we will discover the many possibilities of our physique. We will become aware of body language and physical communication. After that, we tune in with the voice, a powerful instrument for presenting and let our self be heard. As we conquer more and more knowledge about these aspects of how we act, we will start with doing improvisations. It’s about using our imagination, joy, following the impulses and letting go to be free in the moment. To close the course will choose a monologue or dialogue from Shakespeare's broad oeuvre, to work on for a small presentation at the end of the course. In this way we can integrate everything we learned the past weeks to master the entire range that can be incorporated into Shakespeare's work. It is a rich course, in which we will go to all the basics of acting and create a strong fundament that we can use in many different aspects of life.

  • English Course: 

Life is acting, acting is life. What is theater/drama? Who am I? 

Reality and the Theater. What is acting?
How to be an actor! In this course I take you to a trip in discovering who you are, how you learn, in what energy you normally react on other people and what questions you need to ask to reach your goals. How you take information to you. What is the different between acting and real life. It helps you better to finish your study and how theater fits in your life and personality. In every lesson we treat some theory and practice that immediately on the floor with short actions and plays. So every evening you’ll acting and learning, it’ll be exiting all the time.

  • Dutch Theater Sports Team:

Lekker Vierkant

​Check the special Lekker Vierkant page for more info ;)!