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Current courses

These are the courses that Alles is Drama offers this second semester.

The courses have currently started and cannot be joined anymore. 

"Finding your Inner Director" - Directed by Tamara Shelp

This course is for anyone who has the desire and vision to create an entire performance- from the basics of creating a rehearsal schedule, to the complexities of applying a concept to a text.  We will explore:

The basics of blocking 

How to develop a concept /themes

Stage decor, lighting, and costume design 

Effective Casting / auditions

Diverse approaches to rehearsals

Scène directing

Monologue directing

One man shows

Play directing

Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at directing each other ( or bring in your own actors)  in scenes and monologues, as well as putting together all of the elements of a hypothetical production 

"It's Our Intuition" - Directed by Anne Meffert

Find your personal theme through improvising, spoken word slam and short abstract performances!

How do you wash yourself?

Since we were brought up, nobody checked anymore on how we wash ourselves. Since then everybody does it on his own way. 

We start from there, with banalities of the every day life.

How do you kiss your mother?

Do you kiss your father?

We ask each other a lot of questions. We ask ourselves a lot of questions.

We start to improvise on the theatre floor, with questions that hit us the most, we use different excercises and techniques, but most important, use our intuition.

Through improvising we come to spoken word.

We write spoken words slams.

We use them for shor abstract performances.

Improvise again.

And we find our personal theme.

Write further on the personal theme.

Speak and use speech technicques.

It's all about repeating.

It's all an intuition game.

"Comedy" - Directed by Mike Severens

Why do we laugh? Why is that scene in that movie or that theatre play so funny that your belly hurts? How that stand-up comedian knows how to time his jokes? Always fascinated by magic of comedy? Stop looking further… this theatre course is the one for you.
In this course I will take in you in the world of (hilarious) comedy theatre. We will work on various aspects of comedy. The first lesson we going to do comedy improvisation. In this way we will get to know each other. The following lessons we will work on a hilarious monologue written by yourself. Finally we will work on various scenes of renowned comedy authors like the British Ray Cooney, the French George Feydeau and the Dutch Jon van Eerd.