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Improvisation Playground


Practical information:

Director: Zoe Berghmans

Contact Person: Suzanne Post

When?  Details to be confirmed

Language: English


€25 (Students)

€40 (Non-Students)

Have you ever heard of improvisation? It’s a fundamental part of theatre that allows you to create something different every time you're on stage and to connect to others in the most unexpected manner.

Led by a talented and passionate art student, Zoe, the Improvisation Playground is the place to be if you want to learn about improvisation, by connecting to your impulses and letting them guide you. Discover how to use the power of the space, your voice and your body and to let go. No matter how experienced you are, you are welcome to join this bi-weekly improvisation workshop. Let free your inner desire to play in the Improvisation Playground!

To be confirmed!

Deadline to sign-up:

Sunday the 5th of February

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