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Alles is Drama MERCH Sale

It's that time of the year again! And by that time of the year we mean the fact that you can finally order that sweet sweet Alles is Drama Merch.

What selection do we offer you ask? Well, this year we are excited to bring back the classic favourites and introduce some new bling too. We have hoodies, T-Shirts, face masks and tote bags.


But how does one acquire such goods? First, head on over to events and click on "Alles is Drama MERCH Sale". Then:

  1. Subscribe to this event and buy the ticket named after the piece of merch you desire (if you can't get enough, take both!).
  2. Follow the instructions and do not forget to indicate your method of payment and your size when ordering a piece of clothing in the remarks box.
  3. Be excited to get your brand new merchandise around a week after the deadline has passed!

The deadline is Saturday, the 31st of October.

If you have any questions about the merch, please contact or just DM us on Facebook or Instagram.


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