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Alles is Drama Quiznight

Alles is Drama Quiznight

Dear members,

I am proud to announce the winners of our Quiz night Evening at Que Pasa.

Team 2, consisting out of Fleur, Suzanne, Anne, Sander, Felix and Ink managed to come up on top and winning the Jeopardy styled Quiz, which was the main part of the evening. (Team 2 is seen in the picture)

While Team 2 was the victor of this evening, both teams have fought head-to-head until the last questions could provide us with a definite victor.

After being beaten during the Quiz part of the evening, Team 1 managed to win the game Pictionary, levelling the playing field.

At the end of the evening, both teams ended up victor in one of the activities.

The Commissioner of Activities and the Accie would like to thank everybody that joined us during that evening and is looking forward to many fun activities with our members.

- Linus



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