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Lustrum Pub Quiz

Lustrum Pub Quiz

Hello my beautiful peeps!

The time has finally come. The dreadful year of 2020 is thankfully over and 2021 has come to save our souls from the depravity that was 2020.
And it brought along with it Alles is Drama's anniversary! This year, Alles is Drama is turning 40.

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than by remembering every amazing thing that has happened since its creation? That is why the Prestiest have worked hard to bring you this first event of our Lustrum year, a Lustrum Pub Quiz!
But don't worry, the pub quiz isn't only about our history, culture or facts. Because without our marvelous members, this association would not have lasted very long. We have created a Google Form to collect some information about you, our very special member reading this. So there will be an entire section dedicated to our members who decide to fill out the form!
And for those who don't know much about us yet, or are a bit lazy, we've planned an opportunity for everyone to steal a few points here and there ;) It'll be a great way for our new members to get to know our association and for us to get to know them!

As a little incentive, you should know that there's a quite special prize to win if you manage to come first in this quiz...
If you wish to share a few fun stories about yourself and/or the association, please fill in the form here before the 16th of January :)

So save the date, the 22nd of January at 20.00 we will be waiting for you on the following zoom link!

Google form:


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