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The Lustrum Production (3/4): 

Technical Difficulties 

~ Directed by Tamara Shelp

The script, Technical Difficulties, is based on several pieces by Michael, Frayn, a great comic playwright best known for Noises Off. And this year, we are going to do things a little differently:  Alles is Drama is allowing me to not only cast between 4 to 8 actors and actresses for this production, but I will also be selecting up to 4 student directors, the idea being that I will divide the production into sections and each part will be directed by one of the student directors, working with me as their mentor. 

The first few weeks of the production will be a mini-directing course to give my student directors a basic ‘tool-box’ to work with before starting rehearsals.   By the end of this production, Alles is Drama will have some experienced, in-house directors for future projects!  Everyone will have fun doing this piece- it’s laugh, after laugh, after laugh- and goodness knows we all need that in our lives right now! 

With regard to Corona restrictions- 

The way that this play is structured, a rehearsal evening will never require more than 6 of us to be together at a time.  Each mini-play has a max of 4 characters, and so a rehearsal would need those actors, myself and the student director.   The exception to this would be the first-rehearsal- read through.  This could take place in person or over zoom.  And because the mini-plays have small casts, we could even do rehearsals easily over zoom.  So, this show will go on!!!

Note this is a 3/4 production, meaning the premiere is in March. So you need to be available for longer than this semester

Home Alone

~ Directed by Leonie Schuitema

What do you do when no one is watching? Sing loudly to your guilty pleasure songs? Eat all the snacks in the fridge? Watch your guilty pleasure Netflix series? Or dance and sing like crazy as if your life depends on it? 

We all might have done something like that once we were alone. ´Alone´ is a theme that we are going to explore is this production. During the corona times we have and still are experiencing a lot of time alone and sometimes these times were not always that fun for everyone. With this production I want to explore the fun side of the theme ´Alone´ and create a play that will give some light in these dark days! Scared you don´t have time to learn lines? Well don´t worry! This play will mainly be without lines and focus on movement! From small to big movements! Never acted before or still a beginner? Also don´t worry! I´m mainly looking for creative enthusiastic brains that want to help me make this play!

The play will start with some rehearsals online in the first weeks. But after around 3 rehearsals we will start rehearsing on location (with the right distance and measures taken). The production will not be online but will be on location in the first weekend of December. I know that some people might not feel comfortable with physical rehearsal but I´m very open to adapt if this is the case. Just let me know in time!

This production will premiere in December, so it is open for 1 semester students

Contact person: Clara (Commissioner of Production/Lustrum)

There will be 2 auditions: one for directors and one for actors. 

Deadline signing up for director auditions:
Sunday 6th of September at 23:59

Auditions director:
Monday 7th of September at 19:00

Deadline signing up for actors auditions:
Tueasday 22nd of September at 23:59

Auditions actors: 
Wendesday 23rd of September at 19:00

Wednesday from 19:00-22:00

Wednesday 23rd of September

Costs: €95 (students) 

Contact Person: Clara (Commissioner of Production/Lustrum)

Deadline signing up for auditions:
Wednesday 16th of September 23:59

Thursday 17th of September at 19:00
(in timeslots) (Online)

Mondays from 19:00-22:00

Monday 21st of September 

€58,50 (students)
€75 (non-students)