Year 2015 - 2016

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Directed by: Irmgard Tummers​

Cast: Maddalena Argiropoulos, Maud Eskes, Adela Iriskic, Nils Hanssen, Claudia Hekkert, Femke van Hout, Stephane Mana, Andrea Seegers, Romy Verkaik, Sam Warmerdam

2nd, 3rd and 4th of June
Bankastraat 3

Vier jonge mensen komen midden in de nacht aan bij een gebouw. Of is het een huis? Ze zijn de weg kwijt. Er is niemand aanwezig.
Iedereen draagt geheimen met zich mee. Sommige zijn klein. Over andere spreek je niet. Uit schaamte. Uit verdriet. Door schuld.

Culpa. Of: Waartoe een mens in staat is.
De horror is onder ons.

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Culpa poster

Courting Wolves

Directed by: Diederik Honing

Cast: Niek van Ansem, Chiara Brück, Vivienne
Clement, Lena Kock, Marie Lucassen, Antoine Lomba, Abigail Mynett, Erica Piasecka, Sophie van Rijnbach, Leonie Schuitema, Antti Tulonen, Raf Widdershoven

13th, 14, and 15th of May
Theater aan het Vrijthof

A young man recedes from his multilingual environment and starts living in the reality of his favorite TV series. As our main character starts to lose his grip on the people that surround him, only loyalty, intrigue and cunning will ensure survival.

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Day Dream

Directed by: Anneleen Cnudde
Cast: Eline van Breevoort, Tanguy Dewaele, Anne van Dijk, Femke van Hout, Cécile Magnée, Tahnee Otten, Juliane Rapp, Padraig Teehan, Antti Tulonen

3rd, 4th and 5th of December
Kumulus West, Herbenusstraat 89

Did you ever wonder what you would be like if you could start all over? Where would you go? Who would you like to meet, and what would you say to that person? Which event in your life would you like to reverse and do over? If life was a fairytale, which character would you be? Who is your idol? Which music play had you wished to have written yourself? If you had the chance to start all over, who you dare to take the leap? How far would you go to achieve your goal?

A theatre piece about longing. About wanting to change what once went wrong, or about becoming bigger than you will ever be. About was it and was is not. We work by assignment and concrete questions. We work with spoken thoughts, with our physical bodies, and with the others. A physical piece full of stories. About what we say, but even more about what we don’t dare to say. About what we have, but even more about what’s missing. About who we would like to be, and maybe once get the chance to.

One thing is sure, the music will be absolutely perfect.