Year 2017-2018



Sins are failings of character
If you ever feel like you are better at something than someone else: you are an arrogant piece of shit.
If you ever wish you were good at something that someone else is good at: you are a pathetic disgrace of a person. 
If you ever feel angry towards another person: you are the devil in human form. 
If you ever feel hungry: you are a heartless monster. 
If you think that someone is attractive: you are a disgusting pig. 
If you ever sleep: You are a lazy animal. 
If you have any possessions: you are a narcissistic psychopath.  

And if you have ever experienced any of these things: your character is flawed beyond repair.

A fast, subtly lavish performance, presented like a collage of thoughts, created from scratch by ten ambitious performers, guided by director Aimee Charlier and assistant director Eline van Breevoort.

Players: Amaru Albancando, Lissa van Baren, Arantxa Delgado von Voehren, Pauline Ertel, Jonah Garland, Elenor Grafenthien, Mariah Issa, Philippe Kersten, Marion Meyers and Sophie van Rijnbach 

Performances: 7th, 8th and 10th December 2017