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Alles is Drama has a building!!!

While we do not really believe it ourselves...we can now finally say it: Alles is Drama has its own building!!! Last Wednesday it became official that multiple rooms at the Batterijstraat 48 are...

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Alles is Drama meets Maastricht

Thursday the 12th of September we organize 'Alles is Drama meets Maastricht'! During this activity, which is open for Alles is Drama-members, interested people and friends you might want to bring,...

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Presentation Evening

Upcoming Friday the 6th from 19.00 until 22.00 @ ISN Maastricht we will have our presentation evening! Here the new board will be presented, the various committees will be opened for signing-up...

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INKOM 2019

It's time for INKOM 2019! We are ready to welcome new members, party and have lots of fun this week!  A lot of members are going to help the board out this week with all that needs to be done,...

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New Board!

Alles is Drama officially has a new board! The last two days, the official board change has been completed with a rite of passage...  Therewith, our lovely Dieuwertje, Rebecca, Alessia, Lina, Elli...

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