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We are looking for Directors to work with!

Are you a director or student director?
Do you speak English reasonably well?
Are you looking for a fun group to direct?
If you answered yes to all these questions, then this page is for you!

As a theatre student association, we are constantly looking for directors to direct our courses and productions for our members for the duration of one semester.

We search directors for two main periods the Fall semester with courses and the production usually starting in September/ October, and the Spring semester, where courses and the production usually start around early February.

What does it mean to give a course/production with Alles is Drama?
Giving a course with Alles is Drama means being available one day a week between Monday and Thursday from 19:00 to 22:00. You would be teaching a group of around 12 people, all of whom are members of Alles is Drama. The number of lessons during the semester generally varies between 10 and 12 lessons.

The compensation is based on your CV and past experiences. This can also be discussed with the current board members and the commissioner of Planning respectively.

What do we expect from you when it comes to giving a course with Alles is Drama?

  • As a director or student director, we would, first of all, expect you to be enthusiastic about giving a course to our members

  • An intermediate or advanced level of English is expected. Our association has become very international in the past years and all our courses and productions are taught in English.

  • We also expect you to have an overview and general theme for your lessons. We leave you with all the creative freedom on how you want to teach.

  •  These are some past courses/production that we did in in the past:

    • Theatre From Song

    • Fiction Film, from Pre- to Post-

    • Becoming Comfortable on stage;  "An introduction to different acting techniques"

    • Advanced Acting

    • Production: Never Trust Your Dreams

    • Production: Technical Difficulties

  • Furthermore, it is expected that you are open to constructive feedback. As a student association, we want to provide our members with a fun and enjoyable courses. This means that you will be receiving feedback (when necessary) as sessions go by.

  • As a student association, we do not have a big budget. You will get paid for your time, but unfortunately, we do not have the funds to compensate as high as you might expect from other organizations. 

If you are interested and/or want to receive more information, you can send us an email, send a message on LinkedIn or contact us on our social media.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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