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The Board of Alles is Drama

President 2023-2024:
Linus Bauer

Hello there! I am Linus (he/him) and I am going to be your President for the upcoming year. I was born in Stockholm and grew up in Belgium, and  I will be pursing a Master`s degree in Supply Chain Management in Venlo this year.
I found my way to theatre through music, taking part in a couple of musicals in high school and later also joining the drama club.
I have been a member at Alles is Drama for the past 3 years, where I have been in the Activity Committee, was part of the board in 2021-2022 and acted in the play Rhinoceros last December.  
Next to theatre, I am also very interested in music, politics and tech. 
I am extremely glad to be able to represent this amazing association and get to know all our new members.

Treasurer & Vice-President 2023-2024:
Jonas Bak

Hey there, I am Jonas (he/they) and I will be your treasurer and vice-president for the upcoming year. I was born just north of Maastricht and grew up all around the area. This next year I will be continuing to study to become a geography teacher. 
I have been a part of Alles is Drama for the past year and was part of the Accie the KasCo and also played in Frankenstein and took part in a course. Through being active in the association I have been able to meet so many lovely people and look forward to meeting even more!
I'm honoured to be able to represent this association and hope to make it a fantastic space for everybody!


Secretary and Commissioner of Planning 2023-2024:
Kasia Godziejewski

Hi there, I'm Kasia (she/they), this year's Secretary and Commissioner of Planning. I grew up near Utrecht and in Warsaw, and I'm in my second year of the Maastricht Science Programme. When I joined Alles is Drama in January 2023, I rediscovered my love for theatre through the production Frankenstein, and joining the ProCo. Besides science and theatre I enjoy music (keys), drawing, dancing, linguistics, and sewing. I do rescue swimming at the Maastrichtse Reddingsbrigade and I share my love for reading on bookstagram. I'm excited to add to the positive spirit of our lovely community here.

Commissioner of Production 
Frida Roper

Hi, I’m Frida (all pronouns), this year’s Commissioner of Production. I grew up in London, am half British half Danish and in my second year studying Circular Engineering in Maastricht. I’ve been a theatre nerd since as long as I can remember, particularly musicals. I  started doing behind the scenes work (sound, lighting, props) when I was 13 but took to the stage last year in AiD productions again. Outside of AiD I also perform as a drag king, am involved in local activism, and love to read. I’m excited to put on productions in Maastricht, as well get to know a bunch of new people.

Commissioner of PR 
Mylia Hennig

Hi everyone! My name's Mylia (she/her) and I will be your Commissioner of PR for the upcoming year. I am studying at UCM, with a research focus on Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, and English Literature. I grew up very internationally in Germany, while also doing an educational year abroad in Texas, USA. My whole life I've loved performing on stage, either with ballet, irish dancing, jazz, hip hop, kpop, and contemporary as well as singing and acting in plays and musicals. 

I've been part of Alles is Drama for the past two years joining almost every production that was offered and growing as an actor by working with different directors. This year I am excited to step backstage at Alles is Drama and help others experience the joy of theatre!


Commissioner of Activities:
Mika van Os

Hi all! My name is Mika (he/him), I am this year’s Commissioner of Activities. I was born in Goes, in the Netherlands, west of Maastricht and lived there all my life but moved to Maastricht this year. Like my mother before me, I will be creating a portfolio this year to enter art school. I found my way to Alles is Drama this past September when wandering over the INKOM grounds. I had planned beforehand that I would find the Drama association and was incredibly excited when I finally did. Especially the INKOM activities made me excited to join Alles is Drama this year so you can’t imagine my excitement learning I could become commissioner of activities! I look forward to spending the year with you all, creating some very exciting events. Thank you for having me.


The Commissioner of Heartache & Consultancy:
Beer the Bear

Beer the Bear is my name, and I am not an average kind of bear. I have been part of Alles Is Drama since the ancient winds blew over the sea and sculpted me from the ashes of civilization and the God of Drama breathed life into me. I pledged an oath of faithfulness to this very association and will forever guard its members. Besides, I am not only a fierce representative of the greatest theatre association in the world, but also a consultant in all things heartache. So if you ever need a hug, I'll be there for you!

May the Drama be with you!

Why do a board year ?

It is fun to be an an active member of an association and you can learn a lot. However, the most valuable and relevant lessons you will learn, are about yourself and your association when you can guide it. Being a board member offers you the chance to experience what it is like to be responsible for a professional organisation.

It is important to note that you are never alone in your board and the different tasks are well divided among the respective members. Together with your board you will make sure that all your members are able to join events, participate in activities, stay in contact with each other as well as meeting new people and that the committees can efficiently enhance the board's functions.

Thus, doing a board year allows you to familiarise yourself with a leadership role at an early stage in your career. Each board member is assigned to a different segment of the various responsibilities an association is confronted with, which can range from treasury to public relations. This will enable you to enhance both your hard and soft skills. What makes a good board member? The key qualities can be summarised in one simple word: passion. As long as you show a deep interest in the mission of Alles is Drama, you will naturally be dedicated to your work and thus help us become an even better association. It is a win-win! Competent board members advance our association & a board year in our association will add to your own personal development. 

Alles is Drama has always been very proud of our vibrant student life and this could not be possible without our student board members! 

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