Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a course?
It’s a weekly three hours of fun with the others members that last for half a year. Here you get to experience whatever the course is about.

Learning is fun!

What is a production?
A production will lead to a play that will be performed at the end of the semester. Every week, you’ll rehearse, learn lines and act for three hours. First you’ll get to do an audition to determine which role best suits you.

“No, I am Spiderman!”

How do I become a member?
By clicking the header 'Become a member'

Also, by wanting it very badly

Are there hazings and sorts at Alles is Drama?
Sadly, there are no hazings at Alles is Drama. You are a member as soon as you sign up and will experience nothing but fun from then onwards.

Fine… We’ll just be nice to them

Are the drinks/ parties/ events mandatory?
You are not obligated to attend any of the Alles is Drama fun if you don’t want to. They are really fun though, so it is recommended you do go.

But I don’t even like beer

Do I have to be a member to audition for a production?
Yes, you will have to be a member prior to auditioning.

An association means there’ll be associating

What happens when I don’t pass an audition for a production?
When you don’t get through the auditions for a production, you can still join one of the courses.

I’ll start my own production, with black jack and…

What languages are the courses and productions in?
Both courses and productions are multilingual, though only one at the time. It’ll be clear beforehand wether one will be in either Dutch or English.

Yay for diversity!