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Terms and conditions Membership


Supplement Bylaws 


Article 1: Membership and Course Fees 

The membership fee of an Alles is Drama membership amounts to €80,- (in words: eighty euros) per year. 

The membership fee of a semi-annual Alles is Drama membership amounts to €60,- (in words: sixty euros) every half year.  

With an Alles is Drama membership, you are allowed to take part in all of Alles is Drama’s offerings. These include productions, courses, clubs, member-only events and committees.

It is required to have an Alles is Drama membership to take part in any of the previously mentioned offerings.

Note: The membership does not cover any additional costs related to the participation in the production, courses, clubs, committees and certain (larger) events. I.e., you will need to pay an additional fee to participate in these offerings.

You can obtain an Alles is Drama Membership on our website: BECOME A MEMBER

In order to become a member, you need to pay for one of the memberships (either full-year or half-year). Once the payment has been concluded you and your account with gain all perks associated with an Alles is Drama membership. This will enable you to access member restricted areas on the website and be able to sign-up to any of Alles is Drama`s offerings.

All payments e.g., for membership, courses, clubs, and activities are done before the activity or first rehearsal takes place. A refund can be issued on request if the conditions mentioned in the event are fulfilled. Exceptions apply to auditions.

Article 2: Membership 

You are a member of Alles is Drama for the duration of the membership that you purchased during the start of the semester. I.e., either for one entire year or a semester (half a year).

A one-year membership grants you access to Alles is Drama’s offerings from September until July.

A half-year membership (starting in Fall) grants you access to Alles is Drama’s offerings from September until December.

A half-year membership (starting in Spring) grants you access to Alles is Drama’s offerings from January until July.

Note: You are only able to acquire a one-year Alles is Drama membership at the start of the academic year.

In order to stay a member of Alles is Drama for more than a semester or year you need to individually sign-up for another membership once your current membership has expired.

Alles is Drama memberships can only be obtained during certain timeframes. Those are the beginning of the fall academic semester (The last weeks of August until the first two weeks of the Semester) and the beginning of the spring academic semester (2nd Week of January until the last week of January).

Exact sign-up timeframes for memberships in Fall and Spring are communicated by the board during the presentation evening, on social media, through emails and on the website.

Note: You will not be able to acquire an Alles is Drama membership outside of these timeframes and you will need to wait for the next semester to sign-up.

Article 3: Respect and Inclusivity at Alles is Drama

Alles is Drama is an inclusive association that takes great concern for the well-being of its members. To guarantee that this environment stays inclusive and that members treat each other with respect, any type of discrimination is not allowed within the organisation. This includes, but is not limited to age, gender, country of origin, nationality, disability, region, culture, sexual orientation, political opinion or race.

Alles is Drama follows a zero tolerance policy, when it comes to any type of discrimination or hostile actions aimed at members.

Any offences that are known by the board of Alles is Drama, will be investigated on a case-by-case basis. Appropriate sanctions will be decided upon in consultation with the board of Alles is Drama. Potential sanctions include, the (forceful) removal of the offender from an Alles is Drama activity, the blacklisting of the individual from attending any of Alles is Drama’s future offerings, suspension of their membership for up to 3 months and the termination of their membership status.

Once a decision has taken by the board of Alles is Drama, the affected member will be contacted via electronic means about their type of sanction and the reasoning behind it.

In the case the member has been suspended or had their membership terminated, the member has the right to appeal the decision within the general members assembly within one month of being notified. If an appeal has been made, a general members assembly will take place within 4 weeks. 

Note: A member cannot exercise their membership rights during the appeal process. 

Any offences can be reported by contacting a board member or via our email: 

All information provided will be held confidentially, with only the board of Alles is Drama having access to it.


Article 4: Course Participation

To take part in a course you are required to have an Alles is Drama membership.

When signing up for one of the courses offered, you will need to pay for the course to participate in that course.

A member has the right to withdraw from a course after the first official class has taken place. To successfully do so the member needs to inform the contact person of that course or a board member about their decision. This can be done until 18:00 one day before the second rehearsal is taking place. It does not matter if the member was present during the first official class of the course or not, the same timeframe applies to everybody.

If the member has successfully informed a board member about their withdrawal from the course, they are eligible to have their course fee refunded. This process can take up to two weeks.

A member that signed up for a course or production and has not withdrawn in the given timeframe has the obligation to attend the course throughout the entire period of the course (usually 12 rehearsals).

Recurring (non-excused) absences will be discussed with the director and sanctioned accordingly. Sanctions include: revoking the right of participation in Alles is Drama’s course presentation “Revue Revue”, the removal of the member from that course, and the blacklisting of the member for future courses up to the removal of their membership status. If the sanction includes removing you from the course, you are not illegible for a refund. 

Alles is Drama understands that you might not be able to attend all the course rehearsals, but it is our obligation as an association to create a positive and working atmosphere for our members, directors, and the board. To make our course work as intended, it is thus very important that members are attending the course.

Note: If you have missed three or more rehearsals (more than 25% of the course), this is considered a recurring absence. Once we have observed this kind of absence, the contact person of the course will reach out to the respected member about the future of the member's course participation and make a decision. All decisions made are done in consultation with the respected director and the board of Alles is Drama.  


Article 5: Data Collection Agreement

By signing up to become a member of Alles is Drama you are giving Alles is Drama the permission to take, store and use pictures and videos of you during all of Alles is Drama’s open and closed events. The images and videos can be used for promotional purposes and will be archived for later generations. Promotional purposes include the publishing of pictures on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube), the Alles is Drama website or flyers to promote the association or certain events.

In the case that you do not want to have a picture/ video of you being used on our social media channels, the website or other promotional, please contact the secretary of Alles is Drama through the following email address:

Additionally, you give permission to store your personal information for the duration of your membership and it will be archived for administrative purposes for up to 7 years. The collected information includes your first and last name, telephone number, email address, address, gender, nationality, home address, and date of birth. Functions within the association, place of study & student number. (This applies to you if you are a member of a committee or the board). If you are a member of the board all the information mentioned above is collected and archived.

We collect and store this information for subsidy reasons. Alles is Drama is a non-profit organization, which uses subsidies to sustain itself and provide the members and interested parties with productions and activities. We provide our sponsors with the following information about our members: first name, last name, phone number, addresses, date of birth, the function of the association, student number (student ID), place of study, and nationality. We provide our sponsors with the following information of the Board members of the respective year: addresses, phone numbers, names, date of birth, email addresses, signatures of the responsible board member (treasurer, president), financial information about student loans, the function of the board. We are updating the information every year about our members. Our sponsors store the information for up to 5 years.

In case you have any questions regarding the collections of data at Alles is Drama, please contact

Terms of Conditions Last Updated on the 10th of August 2023

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