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Advisory Council (AC)

Alles is Drama's supervisory and advice council 

The Advisory Council is an advisory body that is there to provide guidance to the current board of Alles is Drama. It is usually composed of former board members, or in rare cases of members who have been in the association for a few years. 

The Advisory Council does not hold any formal power within the association, their advice is non-binding.  In case there are any conflicts within the board or between (the board and) external parties such as members the Advisory Council can also act as a mediator being the parties involved.

In case there is ever an issue between members, or between a member and one or more board members, you can reach out to the AC via the following email: The AC will try to get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the situation and options for resolving it.


A word from our AC chair: 

Hello members! My name is Anne, and I am the current chair of the AC. I was the treasurer and vice-president of Alles is Drama in 2021-2022, and have been in the AC since then. While members usually do not interact with the AC much, I just wanted to say that you should feel free to reach out to us in case of any conflict as mentioned above, or in case of feedback you would not like to forward to the board personally but rather do through us.


We hope to meet many of you at Alles is Drama events, rehearsals, and productions!

Anne, AC chair 2023-2024

Organisational chart of Alles is Drama

A word from our AC chair:

Organisational Chart Alles is Drama_pages-to-jpg-0001.jpg
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