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Social Safety at Alles is Drama

Our Commitment to Social Safety

At our student theatre association Alles is Drama we place a high value on social safety. As a community of young individuals, we are continuously learning about personal boundaries, especially in the context of theatre where these boundaries can be easily crossed. Ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all our members is our top priority.

One of the ways in which this can be best facilitated by us is through prevention and spreading awareness - which is part of the aim of this website page.

In Article 3 of our Membership Terms and Conditions, we clearly state our zero-tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination or hostile actions directed at our members.

Whilst a more specified code of conduct is yet to be developed, this policy underscores our commitment to maintaining a respectful and inclusive community. According to our statutes, the board has the power to raise sanctions to the extent of suspension of members.

Creating a Safe Space

Alles is Drama strives to be a safe haven for students of all backgrounds and identities. Some of the measures we have implemented include:

  • Displaying pronouns on board member jackets to foster inclusivity.

  • We aim to provide detailed information about the accessibility of our events.

  • Creating an environment where members are in no way forced to drink alcohol, participate in overstimulating environments, or do anything that they are not comfortable with.

Seeking Support

If you have any concerns about social safety within our association, please feel free to reach out to a board member or email us at Should you prefer not to approach the board directly, you can contact a member of the Advisory Council (AC). More information about the AC can be found here. While we do not yet have a confidential counselor, we are actively working on enhancing our support services for our members.

University Support Services

For psychological support, you can reach out to the following services provided by Maastricht University:

  • Social Safety Team for Students: This team offers individual meetings in their city center office at Sint Servaasklooster 39. To make an appointment, you can call, WhatsApp, or text the team. More details can be found on the Maastricht University website:

  • Psychological Support Options: You can explore the various psychological support options available through the university, including how to book a QPR (Quick Psychological Referral) and student wellbeing services like the Student Wellbeing Movement (WBM) and the Sexual Safety Team. More information can be found here.

Non-university Support Resources

  • Your GP - for any health related struggles, your GP is your primary go to.

  • InnBetween: An inclusive and safe space offering various activities for students, find more info on their website:

  • @ease: A safe space for individuals under 25 to talk peer-to-peer, with a psychologist present. @ease is not affiliated with Maastricht University. More information can be found here.

We are dedicated to the well-being and safety of our members and are continually working to improve our support systems. Thank you for being a part of Alles is Drama, where we strive to create a respectful and inclusive community for all.

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