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Dungeons and Dragons Club

Welcome to the D&D Club! I’m Jonas, the leader and contact person of this wonderful club. We are a member initiative created to bring people the joys of D&D and various other TTRPGs!


We run and organise oneshots as well as provide a space for you to find players! All members are welcome, regardless of prior experience with D&D. Never played D&D? No worries, the D&D club is a safe environment for you to try out the TTRPG experience. We have had several one shot events and collaboration event with MSEA Peritan.


In the coming term we will seek to branch out into other TTRPG systems, such as Call of Cthulhu and Honey Heist, but D&D will remain the primary focus.

Practical information:

Host: Jonas Bak

Contact Person: Jonas Back

When? To be discussed among the members​

Language: English

Deadline to sign-up: 18th of September 2023

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