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The ProCo is the committee responsible for helping out with the amazing productions of Alles is Drama. While the actors may be the ones on stage, it’s the ProCo that really brings the whole show together. Activities include creating props, set designs, make-up and costumes, sound and lighting, etc. This is where you will really get to explore the backrooms of theatre production, as well as the more hands-on creative, artsy, and crafty side of yourself. 

Besides the production responsibilities, the ProCo is also a place to have fun, hang out with people, make friends and have some drinks and laughs. Being part of the ProCo is being part of a team that knows when to work, and when to play. 

The meetings will be mostly once a week, though things will get a little busier in and nearing the production week. Planning, however, is flexible and will be worked on as a group. You are also always free to take a backseat for a while, or skip a meeting if for whatever reason you cannot be there. Remember, we are here to have fun; there is no need to stretch yourself thinner than you can handle. 

To apply, send an email with subject “ProCo” to

Tell me why you would like to join, and perhaps some experience you already have (experience is in no way required, but say you have done some stage make-up, technique, sewing, etc. in  the past, this would be great to know!). Don’t be shy or scared, this isn’t a job application! A few sentences will do just fine. And if you want to get creative, feel free to do so!  

I hope to see you soon!


Commissioner of Planning & Production 2023-2024

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