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“PRettie is headed by the Commissioner of PR and is responsible for the pretty image that Alles is Drama portrays to the outside world!

In this Committee you will be able to help boost our organisation’s public image. We will work together to design posters and flyers, make trailers, organise public stunts, create social media posts, pimp our YouTube Channel, do photo and video and many other creative things our minds come up with. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? In this committee, there is no limit to your imagination!

If you already have experience in promo that’s great, but this is not necessary. Anyone is welcome to join as long as you are motivated. Motivation and dedication are key. So do you have a great idea to promote AiD? Become a member and get creative!

If you interested, please send an email to with the subject "PRettie". Tell me why you would like to join, and perhaps some experience you already have. Don't hesitate to be Creative!


I'm looking forward to have you in my team!



Commissioner of PR 2023-2024

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