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Merch Sale
Board 2021 - 2022
12 - 27 Oct 2021

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We are happy to announce that Alles is Drama is releasing the tickets for its new production: "Never trust your dreams" 🌙👁️


4th of December: 15:00-16:00

5th of December: 11:00-12:00 & 15:00-16:00


Elizabeth Strouvenlaan (51A)- "Forest Gate" at Coöperatie Blauwdorp (you enter via the large blue gates)


So how can you get hold of a ticket and safe a seat at one of the most prestigious productions? Good question. Please follow the instructions below and if you are still unsure about what to do, don't hesitate to contact us via our email ( or socials. 

Hint: be quick- because due to COVID regulations we can only offer a limited amount of seats per show (so also bring a mask to the performance)

- Keep in mind that our website only allows you to purchase one ticket per person as a member, but under Introducee and Externals the max ticket per person is 10

-Ticket prices: "Members" (4.50€); Students and Minors (6.50€)--> identified as "Introducee"; Adults (8.50€) --> identified as "External"

- If you are a student/ minor and not in our association, please reach out to us since "Introducee" tickets can only be purchased by members. 

- Carefully scroll through all the ticket options and choose which one suits you best

- If you do not find the option that you are looking for, no worries! Just message us via our email ( or socials and we will add a ticket option that you would like :)

- Once you find your perfect ticket, make sure to specify the date and time slot you want


See you soon 🎊


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