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Sep 5, 2017, 7:55:00 PM
Nov 23, 2017, 11:55:00 PM

by Sophie Kramer 

My name is Sofie, and I am a third-year student of the Directing Programme at the Theatre Academy of Maastricht.

In this course, I want to focus on what it takes to be a creative performer. One of the fun things about being on stage is that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE over there. It is a place to be free, to examine all the endless possibilities of our creative mind, to let things happen that don’t happen in your daily life.

Still, we don’t always take the freedom that the empty stage wants to give to us. We are rational people and therefore we tend to take this rationality with us when we start acting. This is a shame because once you find this freedom, it is so much fun to play around. And the interesting thing is – the more freedom you take, the more credible your acting gets. Because what we tend to forget; the truth is stranger than fiction!

To get to this state of freedom, paradoxically we will have to examine the basic rules of theatre first; rules of conflict, of making contact with each other, of how you use your body when on stage, of following your impulses. So, the basics of acting won’t be skipped. We will use existing pieces of text, as well as improvisation and physical exercises to “train” these basics.

But in the end, we will fool around with costumes and wigs and music and what not, and it will all be about endless freedom and FUN!

Weekday: Thursdays, 19:00-22:00
Starts: 21st of September
Location: Caracola 
Number of lessons: 12 
Price students: 44,50 €
Price non-students: 60,50 €