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Board 2017 - 2018
Oct 2, 2017
Oct 31, 2017

For everyone who missed it so far: Alles is Drama Shirts are back to order AND we have a brand new product for all you theatre-loving drama makers out there! 

May I present: the Alles is Drama hoodie! When times in Maastricht and the world get colder, it is all the more important to be cosy yet stylish and this will be your new companion: blue and yellow comfort surrounds you as you walk through the cold Maastricht streets and see people freezing and shivering, but you will not be one of them. Get this hoodie to live in style and represent AiD on the "straats" of Maasi. In the pictures featuring our lovely model, you can have a look at just how awesome you will look with this hoodie.
Price: 35 Euros

Of course, I did not forget about our classic piece of apparel and theatre pride: the Alles is Drama shirt! Back for anyone who missed it or who just can't get enough of that glorious logo of ours. Now is your chance to grab some merch that will make you look effortlessly cool while supporting your favourite and (second) oldest student theatre association of the Netherlands. Also see our model for reference.
Price: 15 Euros 

How to get this beautiful merch:

1) Subscribe to this event and buy the ticket named after the piece of clothing you desire (if you can't get enough, take both!) 
2) Follow the instructions and do not forget to indicate your method of payment and your size in the remarks box
3) Sleep well, knowing AiD merch will reach you soon 

The deadline is the 22th October and for any questions or issues, please contact




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