Opening Activity

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Board 2017 - 2018
Date and time
Sep 14, 2017 19:00 - 22:00
President Rooseveltlaan 213, Mastricht

Opening Activity

It's time to hear some stories!

This activity is meant for all new members of Alles is Drama. Please try to be there if you can!

This evening will be all about getting to know one another, digging up some crazy stories and obviously, Theatre will be our main focus. We won't tell you the details yet, but don't worry, it's going to be an amazing night hazing-free and full of genuine laughter instead!  

Of course, you will also get to know our 'oldies', the loyal drama lovers who have been with us for a year or more. They will also be welcome, but only from 20:15 onwards! 

Hope to see you all there :)



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