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The Film Club

Hi! We are Zuza and Elli. The film club is a member-driven initiative founded by two Alles is Drama members, Justin and Csenge. The club was created as a space in which film enthusiasts could come together to discuss, watch, act out and create movies.

In the first year of its conception, its members had movie nights, discussed film theory and worked on a very intriguing movie script (join us to find out more ;)) written by one of our very own. We welcome everyone that is interested in the process of filmmaking, acting, directing, editing, storyboarding or generally geeking out about films. This year we are hoping to continue with some smaller projects as well as some fantastic discussion/ wacky acting sessions (we already have some Hitchcock-themed events in the works, courtesy of Zuza :)). For the first session, we'd love to talk to you about what in the filmmaking realm interests you (editing, directing, acting, storytelling, etc.) and explore any passions associated with the film. We want to provide you with a platform for creative expression. If this text awakens your interest - please sign up! We'd love to see you all soon!

Practical information:

Hosts: Zuza Kotwicka and Elli Peonides

Contact Person: Vincent Dúran

When? To be discussed among the members​

Language: English

Deadline to sign-up: 18th of September 2022

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