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We are still looking for a board member!

Alles is Drama is still looking for a board member! Maybe you could be the next person to help Alles Is Drama grow and become even better... Who knows 😏

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make sure an association doesn't crash and burn? Do you want to give back to an association that has given you many opportunities? Are you just really picky about activities so you just want to make them yourself?

Are you curious about becoming the next board member for our beautiful association? If so, this is a post for you. If not, this post is still pretty, please read it I put a lot of effort into this ;)


The Board of an association is a group of people who run the association behind the scenes. There are some common roles within each association, such as:

- President

- Vice President

- Treasurer

- Secretary

- Commissioner of PR

What positions are a bit more specific than the previous ones?

- Commissioner of Activities

- Commissioner of Production

- Commissioner of Planning

- Commissioner of Housing

And since 2021 is a very special year, we are also looking for someone to become the next Commissioner of Lustrum!


We are looking for 6 people to take over the roles mentioned above. You can apply for any role except Vice President and Commissioner of Lustrum (they will be chosen by the new board babies).

You do not necessarily have to have any experience, we are open to any type of profile!


If you are curious and require more information about the different positions and the association in general, shoot us an email at! We will be happy to answer any questions. You can also join our Discord server where we put all the information concerning the board positions and how to apply

If you already know that you are interested in becoming the future of the association and want to apply, please send us an email at containing:

- Your  CV
- A Motivation Letter (we give you freedom of expressing your true self here, but make sure you point out your skills and why you would be a good Board Member)
Your Top 3 of the positions you'd like to have (include these in your motivation letter)