Student Theatre Association Alles is Drama

Alles is drama presents the newest, greatest production that you have to come watch: The department of emotional wellbeing

We, as humans, are able to separate ourselves from animals due to our emotions. Emotions put us at the top of the food chain, above all the other creatures. However, not every emotion is conducive. Some negative emotions make us weak, vulnerable and unhappy.

We, as the department of emotion wellbeing, have changed this. As always, we let mirror neurones do their work. However, our department makes sure that negative emotions do not reach the society. We now live in an solely positive world and invite you to join us there. Only at the 8, 9 and 10th of December shall we open the doors of our department. So you can all see how colourful the future could be.

Cast: Irene Pujol, Hanna de Munck, Lena Bo, Abigail Mynett, Martín Sáez del Val, Sönke Steffen, Remo Kortbeek, Pauline Marie, Andrea Seegers, Jamie Lloyd and Franziska Erbe

Directed by: Anneliese Billen

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