Student Theatre Association Alles is Drama

B- B- B- Bootfeest!
Also known as ‘Moonlight Cruise’

The courses are done, productions Flyer MCall but stored in the attic and residing board on it’s way out. Nothing left to do but go out with a bang… on the water!

There is but room for 90 people on the boat, so get your tickets fast by making a reservation at

“Yadda yadda BOAT… yadda yadda PARTY ON IT… yadda yadda FREE DRINKS FOR ALL… you get the jist.”

Morgan Freeman
– Not verified

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The Lustrum

The lustrum is still going strong with events happening faster then the eye can blink! Living to be 35 years of age is something to celebrate and we want to do it with you!

Check out the committee of Lustrum under the Alles is Drama tab.