Student Theatre Association Alles is Drama


Ready your butts for student life, ’cause it’s coming in hard!

As a new student here in Maastricht, the theatre association welcomes you. Whether you’re English or Dutch, man or woman, or man or beast (what…?!), if you’re interested in theatre, Alles is Drama is the place for you!

Come find us at various places during the INKOM week.

Wednesday 24th:
Maastricht Market. (11:30-15:30) Come and meet us at this market-styled information fest and see what we are all about.

Activity of Choice. (15:30-18:30) Finally you’ll get the chance to do some acting at a level far beyond what you’ve seen before; Student-level! Meet us in front of the Theatre at the Vrijthof at 15:30.

CultiFest. (18:30-23:00) Kick back in our state of the art “tent” with some high culture in theatre and marshmellow cuisine.

Thursday 25th:
SportsEvent. (12:00-16:00) Sports? Theatre? Why, theatresports of course! We’ll have a stand there, come and get the last bits of information there and you’ll be fully set for the rest of the week!

All-in-all, Alles is Drama and her people wish you a happy INKOM!