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Join a committee and help with the organizational aspect of Alles is Drama!


The Proco

Production Committee

Do you want to support Alles is Drama's theatre productions by coordinating makeup, hair, props, and costumes as well as creating a set design and leading tech, sound and light design of a show?


Then, join the Proco to be involved in the backstage process of creating a show, lead by our commissioner of production, Frida.

The PRettie

PR (Public Relations) Committee

Do you want to contribute to Alles is Drama's public image by creating creative social media content through video editing and photo editing and learning the basics of marketing?


Join the PRettie with a creative and interactive team of members, lead by our commissioner of PR, Mylia!


The KasCo

Treasury Committee

Did you ever want to learn how to read a balance sheet or understand the budgeting of an association?

This is your chance to play a essential role in the association, by supporting our Treasurer, Jonas.

The Accie

Activities Committee

Do you want to organize fun activities that Alles is Drama members can enjoy? Any bigger events that you've always wanted to orchestrate and be apart of?


Well, the Accie is your chance to experience event planning! Led by our President, Linus.

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